Friday, October 26, 2007

Forthcoming Westerns: November 2007

Update: Thanks to a tip from loyal reader and exellent writer Chap O'Keefe, I've added four Black Horse Westerns that will be released on November 30th--scroll down and take a look.

Also, my list of November releases doesn't include any Large Print editions, and there are several scheduled. I have chosen not to include them because they are difficult to find in bookstores and usually reprints of titles that have previously been released, but truthfully it is more that these lists take a surprising amount of time to compile, and the LP editions would make the process even longer. If there are publishers or writers who want to see a large print edition included on this list please send me an email before the 15th of each month and I will be happy to include it / them.

The western selection in October was terrific, and while November’s list isn’t quite as large, or as varied, it is still pretty darn good. We have a total of 24 novels coming out—they represent a mixture of new and old, and paperback and hardcover. There is also a large release—19 titles—of western audio books from Brilliance and Five Star. The bulk of the titles are the work of Max Brand, but the list also includes other classic western writers such as T.T. Flynn, Les Savage, Jr., T.V. Olsen, Lewis B. Patten, and several others.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween, and I hope to see you at the bookstore.

October 30th

Bronc Man by Paul Bagdon
Dogs of the Captain by Max Brand
The Trail of Whitened Skulls by Tom W. Blackburn
Walk Proud, Stand Tall by Johnny D. Boggs

Synopsis of Johnny D. Boggs’ Walk Proud, Stand Tall:

“Back in his prime, Lin Garrett was a legend as a lawman. The story of how he captured outlaw Ollie Sinclair was a favorite in Arizona Territory. But Lin hung up his badge long ago and now spends his days at a county home for the aged. His days are peaceful—until he gets word Sinclair has formed a new gang and pulled off a daring train robbery. The local lawmen are at a loss, but Lin knows just how his old nemesis thinks. And he’s out to prove no matter how many years have passed, he can still take down his man.”

November 1st

The Argonauts of North Liberty by Bret Harte
The Spirit of the Border by Zane Grey

November 4th

.45-Caliber Deathtrap by Peter Brandvold
Ricochet by Thom Nicholson
The Trailsman: #313 Texas Timber War by Jon Sharpe

November 6th

Honor of the Mountain Man / Preacher’s Fortune by William W. Johnstone
The Town Called Fury: Judgement Day by William W. Johnstone
Smonk by Tom Franklin

November 13th

Ranger’s Law: A Lone Star Saga by Elmer Kelton

November 14th

Crucifixion River by Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller
Man from Durango by Lauren Paine

Synopsis from Mike Blakely’s Come Sundown:

“Reluctant hero, Honore Greenwood, has a knack for embroiling himself in the most violen conflicts of the Southern Plains. Known as Plenty Man to the Comanches, Honore serves as ransom negotiator for captives among the Indians. As if his life wasn't in danger enough, Honore has offered his services to the New Mexico Volunteers in the Civil War. But as Honore's luck would have it, he's in the same unit as Luther Sheffield, a man whose grudge against Greenwood knows no boundaries, even though they are fighting on the same side.”

November 27th

Come Sundown by Mike Blakely
The Gunsmith: #312 Under a Turquoise Sky by J.R. Roberts
A Long and Winding Road by Win Blevins
Longarm: #349 Longarm and the Colorado Manhunt by Tabor EvansS
Slocum Giant: Slocum and the Celestial Bones by Jake Logan
Slocum: #346 Slocum’s Revenge Trail by Jake Logan

Synopsis of H.H. Cody’s Redemption in Inferno:

“Lew Faulds got himself talked into taking the job of deputy sheriff in the town of Blind Bend by his two-timing sweetheart. However, he had no idea the job would get him into so much trouble. A set of outlaws came to town and killed the sheriff. Then they put a hunk of lead into Lew's hand, figuring they'd crippled him. Scared, Lew ran, only to meet up with a stranger who helped him out. Now the pair went hunting the outlaws and caught up with them in the town of Inferno. Would they survive the showdown and would Lew regain his self respect?”

Black Horse Westerns

November 30th

The Bounty Killers by Owen G. Irons
Dead Man's Journey by Frank Roderus
Killer's Kingdom by Greg Mitchell
Peace at Any Price by Chap O'Keefe
Redemption in Inferno by H.H. Cody
Running Crooked by Corba Sunman

Audio Books from Brilliance and Five Star

November 28th

The Bells of San Fillipo by Max Brand
The Chains of Sarai Stone by Cynthia Hasselhoff
Deadly Pursuit by T.V. Olsen
Fire at Spider Rock by Les Savage, Jr.
In Alaska with Shipwreck Kelly by Dan Cushman
The Last Campaign by Tim Champlin
Night of the Comanche Moon by T.T. Flynn
Outlaws All by Max Brand
Ronicky Doone’s Reward by Max Brand
Ronicky Doone’s Treasure by Max Brand

Synopsis for Tim Champlin’s The Last Campaign:

“It's 1886 and General George Crook is holding a peace conference with the last wild band of Apache renegades and their chief, Geronimo. Will the Apaches really lay down their arms and go peacefully to Arizona? Everything seems to be going according to plan until Geronimo disappears into the night with a small band of warriors . . .”

Sixteen in Nome
by Max Brand
Soldier in Buckskin by Ray Hogan
Speedy by Max Brand
Tears of the Heart by Lauran Paine
Timbal Gulch Trail by Max Brand
Tincup in the Storm Country by Lewis B. Patten
Trouble in Timberline by Max Brand
The White Chip by Nelson Nye
The White Wolf by Max Brand


Randy Johnson said...

Did you have a brain freeze on the November 13th listing? Shouldn't that read; A Lone Star Saga?

Anonymous said...

Probably less brain freeze and more wishful thinking. If only there were more Lone Ranger novels and less Lone Star Saga novels.

Anonymous said...

Randy, I don't know where you learned manners but your comment is completely uncalled for. Ben and Gonzalo appear to spend hours putting together this blog. Is there a reason you couldn't email one of them and let them know of this mistake? If you have something to say in the future that is negative about how this blog is run I for one would rather you keep it to yourself. -KB

Gonzalo B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Randy Johnson said...

Apologies. You are correct. It was uncalled for and I apologize. I know that doesn't mean much. Maybe it was me that had the brain freeze.

Randy Johnson said...

One other thing. You won't have to ban me. I'm banning myself. I won't bother you folks again. Again, apologies. Peace.

Anonymous said...

In Randy's defence to whoever wrote the post about his comment, I didnt think it was meant as "negative criticism." I have emailed Gonzalo myself and told him that "brain freeze" is a pretty common expression where I am from, and it is not meant to be insulting... it is meant more as a light tease, maybe it was not put in the most subtle way but I dont think it was meant as negative as KB thought it was.

Anyway, that was how I took it, and I think it would be a shame if Randy banned himself if he didnt mean any real harm by it.


Anonymous said...

By the way, Gonzalo and Ben, I do really appreciate the effort you make in writing this blog. It does look like a lot of work, and I love reading it.


Howard said...

I get brain freezes all the time! Or brain farts, as we tend to call them in the wilds of Maine where our lobster round-ups outnumber the cattle ones! (What, don't tell me you never heard of Roy Robster and his trusty clam, Digger???) Anyway, mostly wanted to say how much I enjoy the round ups of titles and appreciate the tremendous amount of work that goes into compiling such things. Excellent job all the way around, guys. Keep it coming. Oh, and a little BSP, the last book in my "Pass" series comes out end of December called Desolation Pass by Lance Howard, a Black Horse Western(Hale has the cover up on their site now and it's a beauty, IMO). Something "major" happens to one or both of the leads that effectively brings an end to the series as it stands. I won't give away anymore than that.

Anonymous said...


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