Friday, August 31, 2007

Forthcoming Westerns: September 2007

This is a list of westerns scheduled for release in September 2007—it can be difficult to put together a complete list of every western being published, which is the long way of saying it is not an exhaustive list. It is however a pretty darn impressive list. There are 27 books being published with a good mixture of originals and reprints, and hardcovers and paperbacks. Who says the western is dead?

September 1st

Assassination of Jesse James by Ron Hansen
Blood of Bass Tillman by Cotton Smith
The Fugitive: A Western Trio by Max Brand
Night Riders: A Western Duo by Giff Cheshire
A Phyllis of the Sierras by Bret Harte
Wilderness #53: The Rising Storm David Thompson
A Threat to Justice by Chuck Norris & Ken Abraham
Pride and Code of the Mountain Man by William W. Johnstone

Description for Blood of Bass Tillman

No doubt about it, Bass Tillman is getting old. It’s been years since he killed a man in a gunfight. He’s respectable now. A lawyer, not a gunfighter. He should be taking it easy, enjoying life with his family. But he has only one thing on his mind—tracking down the men who murdered his son and daughter-in-law in cold blood. Tillman swore on his loved-ones’ graves that he would bring their killers to justice, and with only a few clues to go by, that’s what he’s going to do…even if it means going back to a life he left behind.

September 4th

Matt Jenson: Last Mountain Man by William W. Johnstone
Montana Revenge by Dusty Richards
The Thunder Riders by Frank Leslie
The Trailsman #311: Idaho Impact by Jon Sharpe

September 5th

Coming Storm by Tracie Peterson

September 11th

Welcome to Hard Times by E.L. Doctorow

September 15th

Avenging Victorio by Dave DeWitt

September 16th

Ride the Trail of Death by Kenneth L. Kieser

September 19th

Forgotten Range by Robert J. Horton
Gunsmoke: A Western Quartet by T.T. Flynn
The Devil’s Rangers by Jim Grand
Wind River Kid by Will Cook

September 25th

The Gamblers: Denver Draw by Robert J. Randisi
Longarm and the Guns of Fort Sabre (Longarm #347) by Tabor Evans
Longarm Giant #26: Golden Eagle Shoot-out by Tabor Evans
Slocum in Shot Creek (Slocum #344) by Jake Logan
Way with a Gun (The Gunsmith #310) by J.R. Roberts

Description for The Gamblers: Denver Draw

On the run from the assassins who murdered his family, Ty Butler found a new way to survive: with a few good hands, a loaded gun, and a little luck. But lying low and keeping out of his hunters' gunsights is getting harder to do since he started earning a serious rep at the poker table;and especially now that he's made some new friends . . . named Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Doc Holliday.

September 30th

Who’s Who in the Western Novels of Zane Grey by John Donahue

September—release date unknown

Big Bend Death Trap by James J. Griffin


Ignacio said...

Tremenda página.

Bob Randisi said...

Hey Ben, don't forget there's always a Gunsmith--which, according to your survey, is the #1 Adult Western series. Thanks. And thanks for this great site.


Chap O'Keefe said...

Another reminder -- for every month! -- is that Hale have just brought out a half-dozen new Black Horse Westerns. For me, highlights of the six published on Friday will surely include the two by the prolific Australian writer Keith Hetherington, author of around 500 westerns. They are Once a Ranger by Hank J. Kirby and None Faster by Jake Douglas. A wide-ranging article about this author can be found in the December 2006 edition of Black Horse Extra (online and free, of course). Many thanks to Ben and Gonzalo for the link.

Chap O'Keefe said...

And very silly of me to forget since the complimentaries are sitting right here on my desk with an impressive cover by artist Gordon Crabb. . .

The first book in my Lil series, Misfit Lil Rides In, is just out in large-print soft-cover. It's issued via Ulverscroft, and unlike Hale they do have US warehousing and distribution. Go to their site, click on the Stars and Stripes, enter the online showroom and do a search for the title!

Ben Boulden said...

Chap--Thanks for reminding us (me) about the great line-up over at Black Horse. Sometimes I have a narrow field of vision, and if it's not listed on one of the sites I visit:,, etc. I don't think about it.